Who Benefits From Passive Health Monitoring?

Senior housing operators for many years turned to buttons, pull cords and other nurse call systems, as effective, but rudimentary, solutions to address seniors’ increased fall risk. Although workable in some ways, these systems have continuously fallen short in many important areas, including timeliness, capability, and productivity. Continue reading “Who Benefits From Passive Health Monitoring?”

What is Passive Health Monitoring?

For a long time, senior housing communities have relied on traditional nurse call systems because these generally represented the best technology available. Now, that technology has been superseded. Finding themselves in need of urgent-alert notification systems, senior housing operators for many years have turned to buttons and pull cords as an effective, if rudimentary, solution. Although workable to some extent, these systems have routinely fallen short in a number of key areas, including timeliness, capability, and productivity.

Today, there’s an alternative available that is smarter, more efficient and ultimately more effective than a traditional nurse call system. As featured in Provider Magazine, passive health monitoring is a system of interlocking technologies that provides more timely response to crises. Passive health monitoring helps ensure seniors’ dignity and sense of independence and allows operators to more effectively manage staffing—one of the biggest cost centers in any housing operation.

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