5 Technologies to Help Residents Connect with Family During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches we think about togetherness, and the challenges that sometimes accompany it in modern life. It’s hard to make time to be together. For many of us physical distances makes closeness even more difficult to achieve. When mom and dad and siblings all reside in different states, togetherness can seem all but impossible.

For older adults residing in senior housing, however, a range of new technology can help forge connections with family, despite whatever constraints they all might face.

In many senior residences, these technologies may be tied together in a communications portal, a single point through which communications technologies can be channeled. Such a hub can simplify management for caregivers and staff, while also making it easier for seniors to make and maintain those cherished connections during and after the holidays.

What kind of technologies could be made available?

1. Video calling

Video calling greatly simplifies the process of making a face to face connection, even from a distance. Resident need merely touch a picture of the person they wish to call, bringing to life a video application that joins loved ones together in real time.

2. Photo sharing

Photo sharing is a key tool in helping to maintain ones bonds and keep people connected come holiday time. Simplified applications run through a communications portal can make it easy to share pictures and videos, to watch the grandkids grow and experience their world.

3. Community chat

Community chat is an expression of contact that goes beyond the immediate family. For many seniors their close community is as much as part of their family as anyone else, and they are eager to build on those social ties during special holiday times. Community chat functions bring neighbors together, even when it isn’t easy to visit in person.

4. Community events

Community events can be easily coordinated through a communications portal. Simple calendaring may not sound like the kind of festive holiday togetherness one immediately thinks of, but ties within the community are in fact a vital part of seniors’ emotional and mental health and well-being. By using communications technology to share news of community events, a senior housing operator can help to bolster this critical aspect of wellness, offering the means to come together at a time when togetherness is on everyone’s minds.

5. Social media

Social media has become the core of communications for many young people. As seniors seek ways to connect with their loved ones, the ability to tap into these new technologies becomes ever more significant. Senior housing operators can help to make this happen by coordinating social media through a communications portal. Simplified apps give seniors easy push-button access as they seek to connect with family in the most contemporary of ways.

For many senior housing operators, the holidays offer a time to foster new ties between residents and loved ones, using technology to create a sense of closeness and connectedness during the holiday season. A communications portal can help simplify efforts to build bridges and bring loved ones closer every day.

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