6 Apps Senior Care Professionals Should Ensure Every New Resident Has

There is an app for almost every situation and user imaginable, so it wasn’t too long before app developers started programming for senior care situations. These apps for seniors are often tailored to make medical care a bit easier, as well as to keep health tasks organized and accessible. Beyond making healthcare issues a bit easier for older adults, apps for seniors are also available for social engagement, cognitive tune ups, and plain old fun. To make the most of the resident experience when they are in their apartments, senior care professionals are turning towards apps to help make residential stays more engaging and healthy. Here are a few apps for seniors that residents should be downloading before their suitcase hits the floor of their new apartment.

1. Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

If residents are moving into an independent living community and opting to manage their own medications, or if residents are headed out to an extended stay with family, this app can help keep medications on schedule. It can also be taken to doctor appointments to ensure that there are no questions like “what meds am I on again?” when speaking with a physician.

2. Social Media apps – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

More and more senior care communities are using social media to engage and inform residents. Senior care communities are active on their own community’s social media page and use that forum to reach residents and provide information about daily activities, menus, and other announcements.

3. mHealth apps

Depending on the senior care community’s platform and opportunities, encouraging residents to download and use specific mHealth applications can encourage residents to become more active in communicating with their doctors. mHealth apps are offered for iOS and Android systems, and are sometimes offered through local doctor offices or insurance companies.

Download our guide to find out how mHealth solutions are improving quality of care and quality of life in senior living.

4. RunKeeper

Residents do not need to be marathoners (though they could be!) to get empowerment and satisfaction from an app such as RunKeeper. Whether it is a goal to lose weight, increase endurance, or simply to get out and walk more, RunKeeper can track progress and encourage users along the way.

5. Words With Friends

Similar to Scrabble, but with multiple opportunities to battle friends near and far, Words With Friends bring intellectual stimulation and cognitive work right to the hands of residents. Senior care communities with active users can incorporate Words With Friends tournaments, pitting residents against themselves, their peers, and staff. It’s a wonderful app that engages, connects, and educates.

6. Find My iPad

Senior care communities that allow residents to borrow iPads during their stay can be sure that iPads don’t go missing with this application. Seniors – and even busy staff members – will love being able to find where the iPad was placed without getting stressed out or tearing apart the apartment while searching.

Finding apps for seniors that make life a bit easier and a bit less lonely is a task that successful senior care communities take on. What barriers are keeping you from getting your residents connected with apps?

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