7 Apps to Help Seniors Stay On Top of Their Health

Thanks to smartphones, seniors have a wealth of new tools available at their fingertips, including a range of apps designed to help them stay on top of their health. Various apps encourage exercise, track medications and deliver information on ways to live a healthier lifestyle. Most can be customized to a user’s particular needs, making it easy to get just the guidance one may need.

Here are some of the best apps for seniors looking to improve their health:

1. iBP Blood Pressure

While you cannot use your phone to measure blood pressure (not yet anyway!), this blood pressure tracking and analysis app can help to chart trends and warn of impending problems. Colored icons indicate normal, high and hypertensive states, while also displaying interactive graphs to show patterns over weeks, months, years and even time of day.

2. Instant Heart Rate

Your heart rate can help a doctor know whether your prescription strengths are correct, or whether you are at risk of a cardiac incident, according to the American Heart Association. The Instant Heart Rate app turns your phone into an on-the-spot tool for measuring heartbeat by using an iPhone’s camera to detect pulse from your fingertip, just the way a doctor’s oximeter would do.

3. Easy Pill

On average, individuals 65 to 69 years old take nearly 14 prescriptions per year, while individuals aged 80 to 84 take an average of 18 prescriptions per year, according to the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists. That’s a lot of pills to keep track of, and the Easy Pill app can help. The app delivers color-coded graphics to help seniors keep track of their medications, with an easy-to-use interface and customizable reminders.

4. HealthTap

This app won’t take the place of your regular doctor, but it can get you to a live, qualified medical practitioner whenever advice is needed. The app connects users to more than 74,000 doctors who are able to give personalized answers to a range of medical questions. The app’s authors claim to have delivered over 3 billion doctor-answers to users worldwide.

5. Health Hotlines

A product of the National Institutes of Health, the Health Hotlines app offers a directory of some 9,000 health-related information and agencies including toll free contact numbers. Organizations may include government agencies, information and referral centers, professional societies, support groups and voluntary associations.

6. Senior Fitness Workouts

This app helps adults over the age of 50 develop a regular workout routine. The app offers instructional coaching using video and voiceover, along with animated demonstrations with detailed descriptions. Tools help users track workouts and chart completed exercises, while offering advice on warm ups, cool downs and even local sports and recreational events.

7. Everyday Health News

Read all about it with an app designed to deliver a wealth of health information to curious seniors. Users can customize the app to get news on just their topics of interest, including daily news feeds with relevant articles. Content includes a range of medically-reviewed articles on various health conditions, including symptoms, treatment, drugs and management.

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