The 6 Best Senior Living Technology Blogs You Should Already be Reading

The blog has become a familiar fixture in the world of internet communications – but what exactly is it? Blogs are best described as quick hits of information. Typically a blog is updated frequently offering brief, informative glimpses into specialized or niche areas of interest.

One good example would be the senior living tech blog. These sites keep tabs on evolutions within senior living, allowing readers to remain current on the latest products and ideas. For senior housing operators, a well-edited blog can deliver a succinct and informative opportunity to explore the fast-changing world of technology as it impacts the housing industry.

Here are a few of the best senior housing technology blogs.

1. GlynnDevins

Senior living marketing firm GlynnDevins focuses on the business of occupancy, helping senior living facilities attract and keep residents. Its blog looks at the technology angle with a range of stories covering everything from social media to digital sales tools. GlynnDevins offers

sales consulting and incentive programs as well as tracking tools and other occupancy-generating products.

2. SeniorAdvisor

The informational site SeniorAdvisor runs a blog that covers diverse aspects of senior housing. Technology subjects include smartphones as a tool for maintaining mental health, chip-enabled credit cards for business operators, and wearable technology for seniors. Launched in early 2013, SeniorAdvisor focuses on improving the way people find senior care, with an emphasis on consumer reviews and ratings.

3. OnShift

A leading workforce management service, OnShift has a wide-reaching blog. It covers deep business issues related to staffing, including scheduling software, the role of tech in caregiver retention, and overtime management tools. With its “in the cloud” Software-as-a-Service solution, OnShift has been technology-driven since its inception.

4. Aging in Place Technology Watch

This blog focuses primarily on issues related to seniors looking to remain in their homes, but there is much here that applies to the technology needs of senior housing operators. One recent blog entry for example took a deep dive into emerging age-related technologies – early stage ideas such as a wearable dehydration monitor, something housing providers would surely be interested in learning more about.

5. Senior Housing Forum

This senior housing news aggregator blogs on a range of topics of interest to senior living executives, subject areas such as Life Enrichment, Leadership, and Sales & Marketing. Within these, one can find a range of technology-related entries. For example, a recent roundup of consumer electronics included reviews of sleep monitors, reminder tools and cloud-based products to help seniors record their stories for future generations.

6. Atria Senior Living and Erickson Living

Many senior living executives will want to check out the blogs of other housing operators in order to keep up with the competition. Atria Senior Living and Erickson Living are two of the larger players offering tech-related blogs.

For senior housing executives, blogs offer a unique window into the changing landscape of senior housing technology. Just as technology is ever a moving target, blogs by their nature are swift to report on the latest changes. It’s a space well worth exploring.

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