Why Successful Senior Housing Operators Hire Healthcare IT Consultants

Senior housing communities may have numerous differences from each other, from geographical location to resident numbers, but the most robust operations tend to have the same key to success: healthcare IT consultants.

These professionals specialize in sophisticated technology implementations, but also provide the kind of healthcare-focused insights that help operations ready themselves for the future.

Here are three reasons why senior housing operations are discovering that healthcare IT consultants can be an important investment:

Specialization Matters

While there’s a wealth of IT consultants available — from large agencies to one-person firms — general technology knowledge isn’t enough for many of the issues involved in senior housing operations.

Healthcare IT consultants bring specialized training and insight, so clients can be assured that hosting environments and data storage are handled in ways that are HIPAA-compliant. Being able to keep up with the frequent regulatory changes in the healthcare sector is crucial for senior living operations, and it definitely extends to how IT is handled.

Consultants who are familiar with the healthcare landscape, and knowledgeable about how regulations fit into managed services, are better able to address the ongoing challenges that come with senior care and support.

Forward-thinking Strategy

Implementation of appropriate IT systems, including design and installation services, is an important part of any technology setup. But how can a senior housing operation know what’s appropriate? And even more importantly, what will fit that definition a few years from now?

Those who have brought on healthcare IT consultants are benefitting from knowing the answers to those questions. These consultants are focused on providing enough technology to enhance an operation, without features and functionality that will not be used. But they’re also looking toward the future. What might be ideal now will likely change as an operation expands — perhaps a senior living center is growing geographically, or plans to build additional wings onto an existing building.

Healthcare IT consultants provide advice on affordable options for present needs, and also insight on how to make the systems scalable. That means senior housing operations aren’t having to rip and replace their technology every five years, which can be disruptive and potentially expensive. Instead, they rely on systems that grow along with the operation, and healthcare IT consultants make sure they’re supported at every stage of expansion.

Resident Expectations

On average, there are currently 10,000 boomers retiring per day. They are technically savvy, with expectations that are very different than generations past. Not only do they expect the most cutting-edge technology to be available in their communities, but also may require remote monitoring services that run on dependable tech platforms.

These services represent a significant investment for many senior housing operations, and to be successful, they need to be able to harness all the capabilities that these services can bring. Without adequate technology infrastructure, it’s challenging to draw on benefits from important service like remote monitoring or care coordination.

Turning those expectations into reality requires a technology roadmap that takes all aspects of a system in mind, from infrastructure and software to connectivity and security. Healthcare IT consultants provide guidance that’s instrumental in supporting senior communities and meeting the desires and expectations of their residents — while also supporting staff needs and budget restrictions.

In general, successful senior housing operations hire healthcare IT consultants to provide more than technology hardware advice for purchasing and implementation. They rely on them to drive strategy, increase growth, and ensure quality of life for their senior communities.

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