Reid Holland – Data Conversion Architect

Reid has worked in the IT space since 2010, coding since 2011, and in the software development industry for the last 8 years solving a wide variety of customer’s IT problems. His approach to development includes a close alignment with actual customer end users which ultimately leads to greater satisfaction. He has spent most of his career in the medical space including an innovative patient portal leveraging an InterSystems Health Information Exchange (HIE) as the back-end data source.

Reid’s experience has also led him to become very grounded in the architecture and use of an Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI). Gaining extensive experience with very particular security, identity management, and data schema challenges of health data sources gave Reid the unique quality to work specifically with patient care related systems. Reid’s craftsman like ability to work the specific tools necessary, and his team leading skills fostering modern software development environments with confidence and ease has led to many successful projects in his career. Reid is a proud husband and father of two girls.