EMR Hosting

We know that our clients’ data has tremendous value. With that in mind, Keystone developed a cloud-based EMR solution and server architecture that allows our clients to pull any level of detailed information regarding each of their practices on a single platform and provide them with a durable and secure technology platform that ensures the safety and integrity of their data. 

As a leader in Healthcare, Keystone Technologies has over 20 years of experience in the Healthcare IT space and we know the importance of delivering to healthcare providers the information they need, when they need it, and how they need it, in order to provide the highest quality of care to their patients. 

Keystone’s EMR hosting solution offers the perfect mix of security, redundancy and optimization. Our dedicated client care team is ready to support your entire practice. Our solution offers the following benefits:

  •     Healthcare focused and experienced application design, hosting and support.
  •     Active management and optimization of your EMR
  •     High performance and high availability through AWS and Citrix
  •     Data security & compliance
  •     Dedicated Client Care team to handle service requests
  •     Full cloud access available for your internal IT team
  •     Immediate access to patient charts and patient data
  •     Ease of integration with foreign systems

With Keystone’s EMR Hosting solution our clients are able to:

  •     Reduce and eliminate performance issues with dynamic computing
  •     Gain real-time direct database access to all EMR data from any location
  •     Reduce costs for EMR system management
  •     Ease of integration with foreign systems
  •     Focus on patient care, not IT

Legacy EMR Hosting

Compliance with record retention regulations require HIPAA-compliant data storage ranging anywhere from 7 to 25 years based on medical specialty or state mandate. That’s a long time to keep a legacy billing system or EMR running in tandem with the new system. Aging hardware, software that must be maintained with the latest security patches, and employee turnover are all reasons that a legacy system creates risk and expense for your practice. 

Should release of information be required to fulfill a request from a patient, lawyer, employer, payer or auditor; clinical and financial history must be secure, accessible, discoverable and easy to share in a HIPAA- compliant format. 

To avoid risk and to be compliant with record retention mandates, legacy system decommissioning and data archival are important components of any system replacement. 

Our cloud was specifically designed to meet the technical and operational needs of the healthcare industry. Our fully redundant cloud architecture serves the computing, storage and security needs of health systems, hospitals, medical practices and senior living facilities working within the confines of the HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Utilizing a Citrix-based architecture, we provide secure access to your applications and PHI, without the time, stress, or cost of maintaining your own infrastructure on-premise. We have the unique ability to cover every healthcare cloud architecture, migration and hosting need. 

Keystone Technologies works hand-in-hand with your team to ensure project milestones are met so that maintenance costs for your legacy system are minimized. 

Data Extraction and Archiving 

Keystone offers secure solutions for practices of any size to extract data from a legacy application and migrate it into an electronic archive. This transition of EHR data from a full production system into a static, browser-based relational database allows the practice to… 

  • stop paying software maintenance to the legacy vendor
  • remove the aging server from its technical infrastructure
  • reduce primary data storage consumption 
  • maintain data retention compliance 
  • reduce need for legacy Subject Matter Experts 
  • perform required Release of Information requests 

Our team has extensive experience in the rollout of major conversions and can advise on any aspect of the implementation. We know what issues to expect before they occur. We enjoy brainstorming with IT Directors, Implementation Specialists and Project Managers and welcome your questions.