2015 Best IT Firm: A Reflection on Our Growth

A few months ago we announced that Keystone IT has been named St. Louis Business Journal’s 3rd fastest growing business. Our CEO, Eric Humes, reflected on this honor by sharing a few lessons he has learned managing a growing company. Another honor we are incredibly proud to have received this year was being named #1 Best IT Firm by St. Louis Small Business Monthly. We got the chance to catch up with our Vice President of Operations, Katie Nemec, about her thoughts after receiving this honor. Katie has been a driving force behind our support team and customer service efforts. Hear what Katie has to say about managing the operations of an IT firm growing in size and services along with her thoughts on what makes Keystone IT different.

What have you learned while managing operations for a rapidly growing business?

“Over the past 3 years, Keystone had grown immensely. Not only in numbers and revenue but also in knowledge and heart. One of the best things about being part of something when it was small and rapidly growing is being privy to the ups and downs. Making choices that were right from day one and some that had to be modified down the road and while the train is moving. All of these lessons have taught us how to be better. We are constantly learning and growing. It has been amazing and humbling to watch our staff size grow and still not lose the family feeling.”

Why do you think Keystone IT was named #1 Best IT Firm?

“EASY! Because of our ability to deliver top notch service with our focus on our clients while always keeping in mind those our clients serve. Having experts in the field of technology and the industries we serve makes us a clear choice for best IT firm.”

What is the main focus of the service desk when attending to clients?

“Their main focus is fixing the issue while remaining cognizant of the patients and students our clients serve. When the front desk can’t check in a patient, that stops workflow. We are all patients in our personal life, and we know what it’s like when things don’t run smoothly. We strive to remove all barriers for teachers to teach and physicians to care for their patients. Doing this at all levels with the utmost respect for time, and service is what makes us tic.”

What would you say is the inspiration or purpose that is the driving force for Keystone IT employees?

“Our ability to help others. Everyone at Keystone genuinely wants to help the user. They want to fix the issues and remove the barriers all while elevating the way our clients use their technology and the way technology serves their clients.”

How do you think Keystone will maintain their status as a top IT firm in St. Louis?

“By continuing to learn. In learning, we are constantly growing and making us better! Also by continuing to hire the best of the best. :-)”

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