4 Things to Check When Hiring an IT Consultant

Not long ago, we shared with you what to consider when hiring a managed service provider. Managed services are only one piece of the puzzle for a strong IT roadmap. Another aspect of finding who will best handle your technology needs is IT consulting. Your IT consultant is your guide to finding the best technology solutions for your business. There are a few things to check before choosing your IT consultant in order to make sure he or she is the right fit for you.

1. Be sure your IT consultant is not a sales rep for another company.

First and foremost, be sure your consultant is genuine and not a sales representative for software company. How will you know? With the numerous software options on the market that promise to help your business grow, your IT consultant should be helping you decide which is best or your unique situation. If he or she is pushing one software option, you may be dealing with a sales rep rather than your ideal IT consultant.

2. Does the IT consulting firm specialize in your industry and needs?

The right IT consultant should not only understand the ins and outs of the technology your business needs but also has knowledge of your industry. An IT consulting firm that specializes in your industry can help you avoid issues of which you were not aware. With expert knowledge of your industry, an IT consultant should be able to provide advice that will help boost the customer experience, improve your workflow and meet government regulations. A specialized IT consultant studies trends specific to your industry and forecasts your future needs.

3. Does the consultant work with companies of your size?

Do you have a small business? If you are working with an IT consultant who only deals with large companies, they may create an IT infrastructure that has an unnecessary amount of technology. Don’t forget to ask about other companies the IT consulting firm serves and your consultant works with in order to get an idea of their background.  A consultant that has worked with small, growing and large businesses is ideal because you will not outgrow them when your business grows.

4. Does the consultant make time for you?

In the world of IT, things come up at all hours of the day. Choosing an IT consulting firm that not only has an efficient way to handle your tech issues but also works to ensure that you are informed and happy is important. Having an IT consultant that answers your emails and calls in a timely manner shows he or she puts you as a priority. Also, your consultant should be working to have a relationship with you.

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