81% of Healthcare Organizations Surveyed Report a Cyber Security Breach

By Ben Nolen, Vice President of Technology, Keystone IT

KPMG reported last month that 81% of healthcare organizations surveyed have been compromised by cyber attacks in the last 2 years according to IT leadership within those organizations. Only half the organizations surveyed feel as though they are adequately prepared for preventing attacks. Michael Ebert, head of KPMG’s health and life sciences cyber practice, reported that the percentage of breached systems could be higher. We have found at Keystone IT, that providers are not always aware that their systems have been penetrated, and therefore would not have reported them as so.

What is the cause of the breaches?

KPMG found the following trends are opening the door to the possibility of a data security breach: Adoption of digital patient records, antiquated EMR and clinical applications, ease of distributing ePHI, heterogeneous nature of networked systems and applications, and the evolving threat landscape.

As a result of the factors listed above, there are various vulnerabilities in data security that allow breaches to take place. Those are shown the graphic below.

KPMG; Healthcare & Cyber Security: Increasing Threats Require Increased Capabilities.

How can Keystone IT help healthcare organizations prepare?

KPMG made the following recommendations, and Keystone IT has the industry knowledge and expertise to help implement these.

Incorporation of cyber security in the technology & network architecture upfront, via strategic design

Keystone IT’s strategic consulting and information security teams are experts in infrastructure design and architecture. We have helped design and secure technology and networks for hospitals and practices of all sizes to ensure the security and usability for your providers and staff.

A well-prepared and coordinated cyber security team & a security operations center

The Keystone IT information security team will work with you and your staff directly to put together a security roadmap, vulnerability assessment and incident response plan. Furthermore, we will work with you to assess all of your policies and procedures to ensure that you and your data are protected from a security breach.

Increased cyber security awareness & capabilities at all levels

Our team will prepare training specifically designed for your staff. After identifying gaps in their knowledge we can customize not only our role, but also our educational materials and presentations to meet the needs of your organization.

Taking a broad view of the organization when implementing cyber security

At Keystone IT, we have the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to be your main partner in ensuring the security of your organization.

Contact us today for more information on our Information Security Services and how we can help prevent a breach at your organization.

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