Infrastructure Questions Every Healthcare Executive Should Ask

Navigating the shifting and potentially financially risky waters of infrastructure isn’t easy, especially from a high-level executive position.The risk comes by way of the technological complexity of necessary IT requirements and that healthcare executives (understandably) are not always educated or skilled in managing information technology.

However, without IT expertise, your hospital or health system could purchase technology applications only to find the existing infrastructure is unable to support them. Return on investment is virtually impossible if a technology cannot be used right out of the box.

In the end, you are the one who signs on the dotted line. Success or failure rests on your shoulders. Sometimes, being armed with questions is best, because knowledge is power.

When it comes to infrastructure purchases and management, here are the types of questions that every healthcare executive should ask his or her in-house IT team or consultants:

• What future technology investments do we plan on making? Does our infrastructure have the bandwidth and other technology needed to support these future plans?

• Are we ready for the unknown when it comes to IT infrastructure?

• Do we have the kind of physical infrastructure needed to run a technologically advanced organization?

• Is our infrastructure able to support internal, patient, and visitor wireless needs?

• Can our infrastructure provide enough support to run key business applications?

• Do we have the on-premise servers needed?

• Do we have what is needed for cloud computing?

• Can our infrastructure handle security concerns when staffers bring their own devices?

• Can our infrastructure pass muster with security regulations, such as HIPAA?

• Can our infrastructure handle what is required for compliance with other key regulatory compliance concerns, such as HITECH?

• Do we have what is needed for participation in accountable care organizations or other managed healthcare services?

• Does our IT staff have the right qualifications to run an effective infrastructure?

• Does our infrastructure take into account the workflow of our care team?

What concerns do you have about prepping your infrastructure today for tomorrow’s technology?

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