IT Outsourcing: 4 Reasons It Is A Growing Trend

Outsourcing is an emerging trend in healthcare. IT outsourcing is when an organization selects the most efficient third-party service provider to effectively operate its management and administrative unit. Outsourcing of IT solutions in the healthcare industry has emerged as an efficient solution to mitigate rising healthcare costs and to meet the growing demand for quality care. The trend of outsourcing healthcare IT solutions in large organizations has grown significantly and has also attracted mid-sized and small organizations. In some cases, the entire information management system is outsourced, while in others, only key application services are outsourced.

According to Healthcare IT News, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of health systems with more than 300 beds — and 81 percent of providers with fewer than 300 beds — are shifting their focus to IT outsourcing for development and complex infrastructure services. Has your health system or practice considered using a health technology company to support your staff, patients and infrastructure? Here are four of the leading reasons many CIOs are considering a change:

1. Cost Savings

With changes in the reimbursement model on the horizon and coming to fruition, hospitals are being pushed to keep costs low. Health systems have consistently found that through outsourcing, they are able to decrease IT costs and maintain or increase their level of excellence in IT operations and expertise.

2. Essential and Time Sensitive Projects

In many instances, health systems and hospitals will bring in Health IT experts to help complete large scale projects, such as EMR Data Conversion. These are projects that are essential to their operations and are often very expensive. There is no room for these projects to fail, and they must finish on time. Many CIOs have discovered that the best way to ensure the success of these projects is to outsource them to industry experts who have proven methods to ensure their success.

3. Prevents Conflict

IT outsourcing is a tool that helps health systems create a wall. This is an instrument that creates separation between one logical business unit and others in order to prevent conflict of interest or other liability. These will often be utilized in health systems with non affiliated physician groups.

4. Independents Remain Independent

Finally, IT outsourcing allows small hospitals and physician practices to capitalize on economies of scale previously only available to large hospitals. Large health systems are able to maintain a large and technically diverse IT team. Often, small hospitals and physician groups are only able to employ a handful of IT staff members. In these situations, it often makes financial sense for independent hospitals and practices to be taken over by larger health systems to make use of those economies of scale. However, with an outsourced IT department, those hospitals and practices are able to get similar benefits without increasing costs.

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