What Are EHR Data Architects?

At Keystone Technologies we have developed a failsafe approach to extract data out of a system, transform it, and load it into a new system without ever touching a single patient record.

With have more than 50 cumulative years of data conversion experience to support our clients, we have had tremendous practice in numerous different systems. However, we must remember that “it is the expertise in the Data Conversion PROCESS, not experience in a specific SYSTEM that leads to a successful Data Conversion.”

You may wonder what an EHR Data Architect actually is and does. Because you may have EHR data conversion needs in the future, you might want to learn what Data Architects are and what Data Architects are not.

1) They ARE experts at extracting data out of many different systems/databases, using whatever means specific to the system to extract the data.

2) They ARE NOT specific system experts, nor specialists, in any specific system’s operations, usability, or recommended workflows.

3) They ARE experts at backend data file/database transformations and have specific, customized tool-sets to work with and transform data, no matter what the system.

4) They ARE NOT Subject Matter Experts (SME) of specific genres of data (ie. a Billing Clerk is an SME for Patient Accounting; a Lab Tech is an SME for Lab Data)

5) They ARE experts in gathering data from ANY system, given their previous experience with data from any genre; they know what that data looks like, and how to retrieve it.

6) They ARE NOT Project Managers, Testing Coordinators, nor Trainers on the new system. Once a data set is complete and ready to test, will hand-off to those tasked with those efforts to begin work on the next data set.

7) They ARE capable of assisting clients to make well-informed, timely, cost-effective decisions on how to best handle their data conversion needs, relying on their previous experience.

8) They ARE NOT an entity who will perform manual scanning or manual data entry of source data into a target system unless such tasks can be programmatically accomplished.

Is your organization in need of a data conversion or the assistance of a data conversion architect? Contact us to see how we can help your organization today.

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