HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Computing

Our HIPAA-compliant cloud was specifically designed to meet the needs of the healthcare market. Our fully redundant cloud serves the computing, storage and security needs of health systems, hospitals, medical practices and senior living facilities working within the confines of the HIPAA and HITECH regulations. Our cloud utilizes a Citrix Architecture, which is an industry standard to provide secure access to their enterprise applications, without the time, stress or cost of maintaining their own infrastructure on-premise.

The cloud with Citrix XenDesktopTM allows companies to deliver virtual desktops securely to thousands of end users based on their unique identity, location, and security status. By centralizing applications and data in the cloud, we are able to enhance management and support, increase data security, and facilitate business continuity. Keystone offers two cloud environments. The first of those environments is hosted at Tierpoint utilizing their over 40 premier, enterprise-class data centers. The second cloud environment is provided through Amazon Web Services (abbreviated AWS) and is a collection of remote computing services that together make up the largest and most flexible cloud computing platform in the world.