Our consultants and solutions architects have deep domain expertise in the healthcare, commercial, education and senior living industries, providing assessment, planning and advisory services for IT infrastructure design, regulatory & compliance requirements, and cyber security. Whether it is consulting on a specific scope of work or working alongside our client’s to develop an enterprise wide IT roadmap, our team provides deliverables that allow our client’s to accomplish their objectives in an optimal, secure, and compliant manner. Technology solutions designed for senior living communities can help you implement cost savings without sacrificing quality, especially when they require no additional staff and improve care. From outsourced IT to innovations that improve data access, Keystone Technologies will help you solve your technology challenges.

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Every organization is unique in terms of its needs, particularly when it comes to technology implementation, patient care, staff utilization, and regulatory compliance. With our strategic consulting services, we do more than provide insights. We offer a partnership that brings industry best practices and tailored solutions, to meet the specific goals of your organization for the long, valued relationship you have with us.

Health Solutions

Enhance quality of care like never before, thanks to innovative solutions designed to keep healthcare patients and senior living residents happy, healthy and independent. Keystone Technologies has a long history of innovation. Along with academic and business partners, Keystone has developed a suite of solutions to improve quality of life, quality of care and access to data for patients, residents and their care teams.


Cyber attacks, data breaches, ransomware, phishing, and other threats can challenge any organization, especially as healthcare is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. We offer robust security that keeps your systems and data safe.