How we help Senior Living

Cost Containment

Technology solutions designed for senior living communities can help you implement cost savings without sacrificing quality, especially when they require no additional staff and improve care. From outsourced IT to innovations that improve data access, technology can solve budget challenges.


Not only is staff the most expensive line item in a senior living community, there are not enough trained senior living staff to treat our current and future populations of seniors. Instead of draining an HR budget, turn to technology solutions that reduce the need for new staff and improve satisfaction for existing staff.


Scammers have long targeted seniors and cyber hackers have recently turned their attention to healthcare and senior living communities. Keystone provides training, risk assessments and disaster planning and recovery to ensure that residents, staff, and the community are all protected from attacks.


Senior living communities must comply with HIPAA and other regulatory burdens. Those looking to be part of an ACO face additional complexity. An IT partner with experience navigating regulations is crucial. Keystone has subject matter experts to help guide you, with technical staff prepared to implement solutions.

Technology Infrastructure

Senior living communities are looking to design, implement or upgrade technology infrastructure. This technology infrastructure can be expensive, and requires highly technical staff to effectively operate it. Keystone has experience with designing and implementing infrastructure, as well as maintaining and upgrading all of your technology needs.

Fall Risk Reduction

When residents fall, it damages more than just their bodies. Not only are they likely to suffer long-term complications, an entire senior living organization may also be affected by resident turnover and decline. Passive monitoring systems have been proven to prevent falls and improve care, creating a safer and healthier community for all.

Resident Isolation

Often, seniors in communities feel removed from their family and friends, and that can lead to isolation and depression and result in negative health outcomes. Keystone works with many communication portals that allow seniors to quickly and easily connect with their loved ones and feel supported.

Resident Recruitment & Retention

Seniors and their families have high expectations for senior living, and they seek out communities that demonstrate a dedication to technologies that improve quality of life. Keystone offers cutting-edge technologies that will help you demonstrate that dedication and give you an advantage in recruiting new residents.