Adam Sloggett – Chief Information Security Officer

Adam has mastered various positions at Keystone serving as a Solutions Architect, NOC Manager, and Lead Security & Solutions Engineer. Adam is an experienced solutions, security and network engineer and a well-known St. Louis area public speaker at events for healthcare organizations. Adam has performed Security & Risk Assessments for clients that range from small regional physician practices, to large nationwide physician practices, assessing not only HIPAA Compliance, but also their network security.

Adam is responsible for IT security, driving the IT security strategy and implementation forward while also protecting the company from security threats and cyber-hacking. The CISO is responsible for operational compliance to all ISO and other standards and regulations and must fully understand the flow of all data within the company in order to define and manage security policies that will protect against information loss, damage, harm or theft.

Adam currently consults in the areas of compliance in HIPAA and PCI-DSS, for over 100 of Keystone Technologies’ clients.  Adam has worked for the United States Air Force as a Technician and a Maintenance System Evaluation Module (MSEM) Operator. He was a System Security Analyst Engineer for Missouri S&T, and a Network Engineer Consultant for Scorpio Consulting. He worked with The National Security Agency, and on Enterprise Level network structures within their academic community. Adam is a pastor at City On The Hill, a husband and proud father to his son and daughter.