Robb Spicer – VP of Implementation and Operations

As the Vice President of Implementation and Operations, Robb is responsible for all service delivery and implementation activities at Keystone and on behalf of our clients, which includes cloud, network and server services, telephony, service monitoring, workstation/client management, servers, storage and related software. He is operationally responsible for ensuring the availability, integrity, and security for all IT systems and infrastructure 24x7x365.

Partnering with our CIO and CRO, Robb leads the Operations teams with overall responsibility for technology infrastructure planning and deployment of technology services. He develops and leads the engineering and support, and project management teams, making technical decisions and working closely with cross functional business areas and IT groups. Robb communicates to the CIO, peers and team, particularly in all critical situations such as unplanned customer downtime or data loss of any kind.

Prior to Keystone IT, Robb spent 16 years working within BJC Health System’s project management teams and physicians in BJC Medical Group as well as all 13 hospitals within BJC Healthcare. Robb was a volunteer firefighter for 16 years and has been a member of the Trenton Park Boosters for more than a decade. He is happily married with one son and three grandkids.