Legacy Data Archival Services

Archived data consists of older legacy data that remains important to the organization or must be retained for future reference or regulatory compliance reasons. Our experts move the data that is no longer actively used to a separate storage solution for long-term retention, based on each client’s data retention requirements. We have the experience and expertise to perform your entire data conversion and archive the legacy data in its entirety. However, if you find you are in the middle of a conversion, or are finished with a conversion, we are also happy to assist you by working with your current data conversion vendor for a smooth transition to archival. Finally, we offer our services to perform the entire turnkey archival effort. Archiving your legacy data benefits include:

  • Discontinue maintenance of expensive legacy EMR systems
  • Reduce primary storage consumption and related costs by storing your archived data on a lower-cost tier of storage
  • Staying compliant with required data retention requirements
  • Reduce cost and need for Legacy Subject Matter/System Experts
  • Provide the ability to perform required Release of Information due to legal subpoenas and other requests
  • Provide the proper/preferred archival solution or work with a client’s already in-place archival solution
  • Keep Legacy Systems running to meet vendor and data retention requirements, thus saving costs and preventing clients from having to maintain proper hardware, patch levels, and system upgrades.