Data Forensics Services

When investigating a cyber incident, you need a consultant with forensic capabilities and a deep understanding of cyber security. When we perform an investigation, we map our findings to your security program and help you understand how to best protect your company. Our analysis will help your company prevent future incidents.

Data security is a serious concern in our world, and will continue to grow in importance given our every day reliance on digital storage and communication. As computer technology continues to advance, both forensics and anti-forensics tools will need to advance to keep pace.

Security incidents happen every minute of every day. When you have an incident, Keystone can help.  Data forensics experts can identify and investigate digital evidence to be used in court for crimes including fraud, espionage, cyberstalking, data theft, and others. Our digital forensics experts use advanced methodologies, reverse engineering, multi-level system searches, and other high-level analysis in their data forensics process.

Computer forensic evidence is held to the same standards as physical evidence in court. This means that data forensics must produce evidence that is authentic, admissible, and reliably obtained. Keystone Technologies can provide the necessary digital forensics to ensure that the malicious actors are no longer in your network and provide reports that include malware analysis, breach analysis, and network analysis.