From Healthcare to Health: Healthcare IT and Senior Care Technologies Businesses Merge to Form Keystone Technologies

Keystone IT to Combine with Senior Care Technologies Innovator to Form New Health IT Services and Solutions Company

St. Louis, MO—February 1, 2016 — Keystone IT, a leading force in healthcare IT consulting, services, and support throughout the Midwest, and Keystone Technologies, an industry innovator in senior care technology solutions and services, announced that the two companies will merge to form a new health IT services and solutions company. The business will immediately begin operating as one company under the name Keystone Technologies.

The two companies are embarking on this merger in order to more effectively impact health outcomes across the continuum of care. This will position the organization to better facilitate the healthcare industry’s shift from a focus on delivering “healthcare” to a focus on improving “health.” The company will continue to build upon its history of providing expert healthcare IT consulting services with an increased focus on developing innovative technologies that ultimately improve quality of care and quality of life.

The combined company will employ nearly 70 people. Also, Keystone Technologies is planning to hire 20 technicians and five marketing, sales, and administrative employees in order to better serve its clients.

“This is an exciting time for Keystone,” says Eric Humes, Chairman and CEO of the new Keystone Technologies and co-founder of both original companies. “The product portfolio and target markets of our combined companies, as well as synergies realized in personnel, subject matter expertise, and channel relationships, will better position Keystone Technologies to achieve its mission and vision as the business of healthcare continues its evolution into the business of health.”

Keytone IT was founded in 2001, and in 2007 made a strategic decision to focus on healthcare.  As a result, Keystone IT has experienced consistent annual growth and was recently named the third-fastest growing company in St. Louis by the St. Louis Business Journal.

Keystone Technologies was launched in 2014. The company has worked with strategic partners to develop revolutionary quality of care and quality of life solutions that have shown great promise in early pilot studies in both hospital and senior living settings.

“This merger will establish the new Keystone Technologies at the forefront of health IT and senior care solutions,” says Andy Belval, former CEO and current President and COO of the new Keystone Technologies. “The joining of our companies will make us more attractive to clients, potential investors, and future employees. This, in turn, will allow us to accelerate achieving our original mission of advancing quality of care and improving quality of life for seniors, while improving health outcomes across the broader continuum of care.”

About Keystone Technologies
Keystone Technologies is a leading health IT services and solutions company whose mission is to improve health outcomes through innovation with a vision of enabling and empowering every person to control his or her own health. Keystone provides a broad array of cutting-edge health IT services and products, including: 1) IT infrastructure assessment, design, and installation, 2) regulatory and compliance consulting, 3) HIPAA-compliant cloud, 4) managed services and support, and 5) health solutions. Based in St. Louis, Keystone Technologies brings years of experience and success to the health technology space. For more information, visit and

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