Keystone Technologies Hires Leading Data Conversion Specialist

Chip Caraway Brings Expertise to Health IT Company’s Initiative to Expand Its Services

ST. LOUIS, MO–(February 22, 2016) –  Keystone Technologies, a leading force in health IT and senior care technology solutions, announced it has hired data conversion specialist Chip Caraway as a Data Architect. The move is part of a larger initiative by Keystone Technologies to expand its data conversion services.

Caraway is a leading data conversion expert in the health IT space and brings more than 15 years’ experience to Keystone. Before his hire in October 2015, he spent 2½ years providing ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) services at Datu Health. Prior to that, he worked for 6½ years as a Data Conversion Consultant for Mercy Health Systems, where he oversaw one of the largest data conversions in the United States. Caraway has created and written code for his own ETL system, and he will lead Keystone’s team of data architects working within various health systems, hospitals, and practices across the country.

“Bringing on Chip allows us to expand data conversion services to larger health systems,” says Jeff Bell, CIO of Keystone Technologies. “When healthcare organizations are able to extract, transform, and load data more quickly and securely, we are able to help them protect ePHI, move to EMR systems that help them improve their workflows, and focus more on treating patients as opposed to stressing about technology.”

Caraway will lead a Keystone team focused solely on data conversion using a unique method and program developed in-house. With Keystone’s data conversion system, data architects are experts in the process and can convert data to and from any EMR system. This failsafe system allows the team to convert data quickly and securely without ever touching a single record, thus protecting the integrity of the data. This service will enable clients to more easily and quickly convert data out of one EMR system and into another.

Doug Bluntzer, who has more than 10 years of experience in healthcare data conversion, has joined Caraway’s team. Bluntzer will work with Caraway to implement and train the staff on the ETL process. He will also oversee data conversions for large health systems and integrated delivery networks. The team is already working with large health systems in the Midwest and California on system-wide conversions.

“As acquisitions and mergers happen, newly acquired practices and hospitals need to move away from their legacy systems and work within the parent system,” Bell says. “Additionally, 50 percent of providers report being dissatisfied with their EMR systems and are interested in a new solution. We hired Chip and Doug to train and lead a team of data architects on Chip’s program and process in order to meet a need in the market for fast and secure data conversion at a stable cost. We are thrilled to have someone of Chip’s expertise and reputation on the Keystone team.”

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