Senior Living

On average, there are currently 10,000 boomers retiring per day. Not only is this population the largest ever to enter senior living facilities, but it is also an uncharacteristically technologically savvy one. Today, 82% of baby boomers report having at least a Facebook account. This means that an unprecedented number of seniors expecting the same level of connectivity and technological resources they have in their everyday lives at home, will be entering eldercare communities that are largely unprepared to support such demands. The oldest of the baby boomer generation turns 70 this year. They will require pervasive technology, higher qualities of care, and greater independence than the senior living industry has seen to-date. As many senior living communities are not currently able to fully support the bandwidth and network needs that will come with housing a more technologically savvy resident base, the industry will see a push to modernize its systems and connectivity. Keystone Technologies is at a unique advantage in the market because, we are the first company to offer a complete suite of highly advanced, adaptive, and comprehensive solutions for senior living communities. Through our lines of business, Keystone Technologies is able to offer solutions that improve the care delivered by senior living communities, as well as, improve the senior living experience. For example:

  • Keystone’s infrastructure services allow seniors to stay better connected, informed, entertained and engaged with their family, friends, care providers, and community.  A connected and engaged life helps reduce common feelings of isolation and depression, while stimulating cognitive function as well for a higher quality of life.

  • Keystone eases the challenge facing care providing staff and improves overall population health through technology that offers artificial intelligence powered, passive health monitoring and alerts that reduce illness and other negative health events such as falls and pressure tissue injuries.

  • Keystone’s consulting, managed services, IT services and cloud solutions along with the in-house senior living expertise provide a well-rounded solution set to help keep senior living communities protect their sensitive data and technological systems, avoid costly downtime, and remain future thinking.