Private Practice Physician Groups


Keystone Technologies is a 20 year-old St. Louis-based healthcare IT consulting and services firm. Data conversion services and Data hosting are Keystone’s superpowers. We know that our clients’ data has tremendous value. Our data conversion services are a proven program and process for EHR and other large data conversion projects. We have converted over 30 different EMR platforms over the last 10 years. We serve large health systems, medical groups, and multi-practice physician groups and have successfully completed data conversion and data hosting projects across the country. We are technology agnostic and have a long track record of successfully delivering the right solutions using the right technology.

Practice Areas

  •   Healthcare IT Leadership
  •   HIPAA Compliant Cloud Services
  •   Data Conversions
  •   EMR Hosting
  •   Legacy Data Archival Services
  •   Data Forensics Services
  •   Security Services

Private Practice Physician Groups


  • Healthcare IT Leadership
    • Technical
      • Strategic Planning
      • Data Architecture
      • Data Security
      • HIPAA, HITECH and MACRA Compliance (CISO as a Service)
    • Operational
      • Infrastructure Management
      • Technology Deployment
      • Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence
      • Data Breach Remediation
    • Financial
      • Business Strategy Alignment
  • EMR Hosting
    • Active Systems (Prod / Dev / Test)
    • Legacy Systems
    • Disaster Recovery 
  • Data Conversion Services
    • Automated ETL
    • Data Migration & Data Harmonization