tech deployment

Technology Deployment Solutions

Technology Deployment Solutions involves activities that assist businesses in applying advanced available technologies in their existing operations. At Keystone, technology deployment is focused on improving operational efficiency.

Improving operational efficiency is among one of the greatest challenges facing healthcare IT leaders today, and a thoughtful technology deployment can boost efficiency.

While every project is different, the goals are always the same: deploy technology as quickly and efficiently as possible with minimal expense and no impact to patient care.

Keystone executes a five-step process for all technology deployment solution services to ensure that we deliver on time and on budget.

  • Discovery & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Staging & Configuration
  • On-site Installation
  • Validation

The Discovery phase includes the gathering of client requirements, a thorough understanding of the deliverables, and an evaluation of the necessary resources to complete the work. The goal of this phase is to identify all aspects of the technology deployment to clearly map out a path to success.

Keystone uses a secure environment to store, configure, and test our client’s IT hardware prior to any deployment. Our project team is versed in a wide array of technology platforms affording us the ability to deliver configured devices for almost any end-user or network device. Once your IT hardware is ready for deployment, our team will deliver the pre-configured devices to your on-site location in coordination with our deployment plan for a more efficient on-site installation.