Passive Health Monitoring: Arming Caregivers With The Right Tools

In the past, alert systems have required residents to take specific action during a crisis (when their abilities might be diminished). These systems further, put a burden on caregivers to take a range of reactive measures to respond to a call. Depending on the circumstance, those measures might include a caregiver responding directly to a call. In some instances, it might involve the caregiver dispatching someone else. In turn, that person would need to either postpone an existing task or delay responding in order to finish an ongoing job.

Such active processes on the part of both the resident and the caregiver are altogether too much manual intervention. They are relics of inefficient systems with a lot of room for error, place an unwieldy burden on the resident, and add to staff members’ already heavy load. None of that is acceptable, especially when there are better, more technologically sophisticated solutions available. Continue reading “Passive Health Monitoring: Arming Caregivers With The Right Tools”