Digital Health Solutions

Why Digital Health Is Important To Us

Digital health is at the forefront of transformation in the healthcare industry — both as a driver of and an answer to the challenges with which industry players are grappling. All of the industry’s major players — including payers, providers, and manufacturers — are affected by healthcare’s digital disruption. A confluence of forces induced healthcare’s embrace of digital health, including changing consumer expectations, a new and disruptive reimbursement model, and rising healthcare costs. Tech-focused entrants are also breaking into healthcare, acting as catalysts for change and threatening legacy players’ bottom lines. Key digital health solutions like EHRs, digital therapeutics, telehealth, AI, wearables, and blockchain are the foundation of the industry’s digital awakening.

A subset of that is remote patient monitoring (RPM), the specific technology used to electronically transmit information between patients and physicians, and it is just one delivery system within the broader telehealth industry. Common examples of remote patient monitoring devices include voice apps that remind diabetes patients to take their insulin. These same apps allow their doctors to monitor their conditions. Some seniors also wear digital blood pressure cuffs that remotely send their blood pressure and pulse to their doctors with no action required on the patient’s part other than to simply wear the cuff. This is where our channel partner relationship with Noteworth will help.

Cutting-edge technology is also finally infiltrating home care, specifically assisted living facilities. Voice assistants such as the Amazon Echo/Alexa and Google Home help senior citizens remember their daily schedules (when to eat, take their medication, or go to their medical appointments). Smart pillboxes help with dosage amounts and timing. Even smart clothing can help doctors monitor their patients’ movements to check for irregular walking, or to alert the patient’s team if the person falls. Beyond that, motion detectors, smart mattresses, and even personal robots can help make the assisted living experience more pleasant in the senior’s later years. This is where our channel partner relationship with VirtuSense will help drive our growth.

Noteworth Solutions Partnership

Via a Reseller Agreement, Keystone has engaged with Private Practice Physician Groups and Senior Living to offer Digital Health solutions. Noteworth is a leader in integrated care delivery and provides a solution that allows you to extend your impact beyond the clinic and collaborate with your patients anywhere they are. This is an end-to-end solution built for care delivery for Chronic Conditions, Transitions in Care, Integrated Care Coordination, and Consumer Health.

VirtuSense AI Technology Partnership

Via a Reseller Agreement, Keystone has engaged Health Systems and Senior Living to offer an artificial intelligence solution, that is using proprietary technology to prevent falls and provide proactive care across the continuum of care. VirtuSense has three core products: VSTAlert, VSTBalance, and VSTOne that were developed on over 1.5 million hours of patient data and use machine vision and AI to analyze movement, allowing organizations to provide preventative care for their patients and residents. This technology provides acute care, post-acute care and home care. We have successfully closed deals with Esse Health, Friendship Village, and SSM Health.