Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Get a new perspective on all aspects of your community, with consulting services that focus on what you need, now and into the future.

Insight That Works for You

Every organization is unique in terms of its needs, particularly when it comes to technology implementation, patient care, staff utilization, and regulatory compliance. With our strategic consulting services, we do more than provide insights. We offer a partnership that bring industry best practices and tailored solutions, to meet the specific goals of your organization.

  • Deep experience in healthcare, including unique security concerns, infrastructure needs, and regulatory compliance hurdles
  • Expertise of compliance challenges, like MACRA, HIPAA and HITECH rules.
  • Recommendations and designs based on your goals

Technology Products & Services

Employ the latest technologies with a focus on healthcare needs and organizational excellence.

Technology That Meets Your Needs

Health and senior living IT is a rapidly changing and growing field, and can make organizations more streamlined and cost effective, but only if technologies are implemented appropriately. Our IT services combine leading-edge software, innovative networking options, and robust infrastructure to ensure that you’re equipped with every component necessary for successful operations.

  • Hardware and software installation
  • Network infrastructure and installation
  • Dedication to your timeline and your needs

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Solutions

Utilize computing power as you need it, without worrying about compliance issues, thanks to an innovative cloud solutions service.

Discover the Versatility of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing can be a boon for productivity, efficiency and cost effectiveness, but only if it’s utilized intelligently. With HIPAA regulations in play, it’s especially important to have the right solution. Our HIPAA-Compliant Cloud was designed by leaders in healthcare data architecture with a focus on compliance, storage and security. That gives you computing power in a versatile cloud environment.

  • Frees you from buying equipment and keeping it updated
  • Expert assistance with infrastructure architecture
  • Buy only as much computing power as you need

Healthcare Managed IT Services

Make the most of your technology resources by using managed services that are reliable and cost-effective.

Streamline All Your IT Needs

Applications are the lifeblood of any organization, but managing them can be challenging, especially with limited IT staff. Add in other tasks like data management, security controls and network monitoring, and the issue becomes even more complex. Our managed services can streamline the process, and give you abundant technology resources. With 24/7/365 service, we provide the IT expertise that meets your uptime requirements and keeps you on track.

  • Continuous monitoring to correct issues proactively
  • Implementation of industry best practices
  • Staffed by top healthcare IT experts

Health Solutions

Enhance quality of care like never before, thanks to innovative solutions designed to keep healthcare patients and senior living residents happy, healthy and independent.

Get the Power of Innovation

We offer three technologies to meet your needs: Keystone Care, which uses sensor-based monitoring for fall risk assessment and early illness detection; Keystone Convert, which streamlines data conversion; and Keystone Connect, which provides a communications portal for senior living.

  • Promotes quality of care and independence
  • Streamlined data conversion ability
  • Communications portal allows seniors to stay connected