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Senior Living

At Keystone Technologies, we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by senior living communities. Our tailored solutions are designed to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency across all types of senior living environments, including Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care facilities.

Our healthcare IT expertise ensures that your community benefits from cutting-edge technology and robust infrastructure, providing residents with a seamless and safe living experience. By prioritizing data security, interoperability, and user-friendly systems, our Long Term Care Team—with over 130 years of combined experience—helps you deliver superior care and services while avoiding common pitfalls.

We are fundamentally changing the way technology is used for care delivery. The providers we work with are embracing the transformational power of technology, and it pays off by improving the resident experience of care, improving the health of populations and reducing the per capita cost of healthcare.

Senior Living Communities

Healthcare IT Leadership
  • Technical
    • Strategic Planning
    • Data Architecture
  • Operational
    • Technology Deployment
    • Infrastructure Management
  • Financial
    • Business Strategy Alignment
EMR Hosting
  • Active Systems (Prod / Dev / Test)
  • Legacy Systems
  • Disaster Recovery
Data Conversion & Consulting
  • Automated ETL
  • Data Migration & Data Harmonization
IT Infrastructure
Senior Care Informatics Support
BI Management
Hardware Solutions Support
Keystone Technologies’ sole mission is to improve the wellbeing of older people through concerted technological innovation – a mission that challenges the company every day to be a courageous transformational agent at a time of incredible change. Through technical skills, powerful systems engineering, and superbly qualified people who live a mission of service everyday, Keystone aims to change the lives of hundreds of thousands. Health and longevity will lead future generations into very different lives than generations in the past have experience. It’s a whole new ballgame!

Dr. Dennis Domer

Founder of I-70 Corridor Network on Aging

Keystone Technologies is committed to partnering with senior living communities to create environments where residents thrive, and staff can perform at their best. Let us help you build a future-ready senior living community.