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Elastic Computing Tailored for EHR Excellence

Keystone Technologies supports an elastic hosting service meticulously crafted to support every facet of your healthcare EHR environments, including Production, Test, Read-Only, and BC/DR. Our cloud based EHR hosting services solution boasts a robust architecture, utilizing secure and reliable technology platforms to uphold the safety and integrity of patient data.

Our conversion team customizes solutions exclusively for the Healthcare IT industry, providing timely and personalized information. This empowers healthcare executives and IT Directors like you to deliver the utmost quality of care to your patients when they need it most.

Trust Keystone Technologies for elastic computing solution that seamlessly align with the dynamic demands of modern healthcare. We’ve been doing this over 20 years. We understand the importance of delivering the right information anytime, anywhere to provide the highest quality care.

EHR excellence begins with cloud hosting services supporting the perfect mix of security, resiliency, and optimization. Our solution offers the following benefits:

  • Healthcare focused and experienced application design, hosting, and support
  • Active management and optimization of your EHR
  • High performance and high availability through AWS and Citrix
  • Data security & compliance
  • Dedicated Client Care team to handle service requests
  • Full cloud access available for your internal IT team
  • Immediate access to patient charts and patient data from any location
  • Ease of integration with foreign systems

With Keystone’s EHR Hosting solution our clients are able to:

  • Reduce and eliminate performance issues with dynamic computing
  • Gain real-time direct database access to all EMR data from any location
  • Reduce costs for EHR system management
  • Focus on patient care, not IT

Regardless of the EHR type, our commitment is to tailor a hosting environment that maximizes efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your EMR, ensuring seamless integration with your provider’s needs. Keystone Technologies is your dedicated ally in propelling your capabilities to greater heights.

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