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Innovation Through Trusted Partners

Keystone Technologies has a long history of innovation. Along with academic and business partners, Keystone has developed a suite of solutions to improve quality of life, quality of care and access to data for patients, residents and their care teams.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

reliable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud computing services

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 175 fully featured services for compute, storage, databases, networking, analytics, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, security, hybrid, virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), media, and application development, deployment, and management from 76 Availability Zones (AZs) within 24 geographic regions, with announced plans for nine more Availability Zones and three more AWS Regions in Indonesia, Japan, and Spain. Millions of customers—including the fastest-growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies—trust AWS to power their infrastructure, become more agile, and lower costs. To learn more about AWS, visit

Keystone has achieved the status of Advanced Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). To achieve this certification, Keystone underwent a meticulous approval process to demonstrate the company’s knowledge, experience and customer success with AWS.

To help healthcare delivery teams accelerate their digital initiatives on the AWS cloud, Keystone Technologies has developed solutions specific to the healthcare industry on AWS. This includes EMR Hosting for over 20 different EMR systems and Legacy Data Archival Services that provide comprehensive data archiving and integration with legacy EMR systems. By integrating and collaborating with AWS, Keystone Technologies has built a unique set of AWS experiences for its customers, designed to reduce resource requirements, cost, time, and mitigate the inherent risks associated with managing and hosting healthcare data.

Keystone Technologies has delivered AWS cloud enablement projects for the majority of its customers including many of the largest health systems in the United States. “With Advanced Consulting Partner status, Keystone Technologies has further established itself as one of the premier cloud enablement partners in healthcare,” said Eric Humes, Keystone’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder. “We will continue to work with the AWS Healthcare team to pair their global scale and cloud expertise with the deep healthcare expertise we have developed over the years to create value for our clients.”

Ingram Micro Cloud

Ingram Micro Cloud

Premium Cloud Services

By connecting problem solvers and innovators, Ingram Micro will give you more of what you need to build and accelerate your business.

Serving the healthcare industry since 2001, Keystone Technologies has partnered with Ingram Micro to deliver cloud services. With a well-developed Cloud hosting practice on AWS, along with integration and conversion services of EMR data, we are anticipating massive growth in the next several years through our partnership with Ingram Micro.

We leverage Ingram Micro to take EMR hosting to the next level. Cloud technology is extensive and growing among healthcare organizations worldwide. Healthcare industries have realized the potential of cloud computing and how it can help them be flexible, collaborative, and consumer-focused, allowing providers to use technology to enhance patient care. Keystone leverages Ingram Micro’s multi-billion dollar investment in the cloud to deliver healthcare cloud services that make it possible to hold a maximum amount of data at the lowest possible cost.

Keystone delivers healthcare data, migration, and hosting through the Ingram Micro Cloud Healthcare Partner Pathway. This healthcare partner pathway is your pathway to leading healthcare cloud solutions. Connecting healthcare-focused ISVs, MSPs, SIs, consultants, and VARs delivering best-in-class solutions in the healthcare market. Delivering the Partner-to-Partner (P2P) ecosystem so you can focus on innovation and serving your healthcare customers. Modernize your IT infrastructure by working with healthcare-focused partners in the AWS Partner Network that you can trust; partners like Keystone Technologies.



Cloud Services

Citrix Cloud services simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, helping you to extend existing on-premises software deployments or move fully to the cloud. Create and deploy secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks, while placing your sensitive app, desktop and data resources on any cloud or hybrid cloud.

Serving the healthcare industry since 2001, Keystone Technologies has been using Citrix solutions for over a decade. With a well-developed Citrix Cloud hosting practice on AWS, along with integration and conversion services of EMR data, we are anticipating significant growth in this area.

We leverage Citrix to take EMR hosting to the next level. The seamless user experience of Citrix Workspace allows us to deliver standardized EMR data quickly and efficiently for healthcare providers without disrupting patient care.

Our partnership with Citrix has been critical when we go into potential engagements because Citrix is already widely adopted in healthcare. Fronting the conversation with Citrix has been a huge success for us in driving these agreements forward.

We adopted Citrix very early on. We knew it was a standard for remote access for the majority of healthcare providers and we wanted to offer the best technology solutions available. We naturally evaluated the merits of Citrix, and ultimately adopted and committed to the Citrix portfolio. We’ve been consistent in our delivery and in our solutions – be it environments that we originally stood up in our data center but then also later, after we migrated everything to Amazon Web Services. Citrix helped us transition from the co-located data center to AWS, because that is our presentation and entry point for all the physicians and the EMRs we host. The healthcare practice managers we work with knew the transition was happening, but the migration was transparent to the physician end-users. As long as they could launch their Citrix desktop or stream their application, they never noticed anything other than greater performance and increased uptime. For them, and the patients they serve, this was crucial. This allows zero patient interruption, and for us, patients come first.