Let’s Talk EHR Data Solutions at ViVE 2024

ViVE 2024, the healthcare event where tickets are on the same plane as a ticket to Hamilton. Well we won’t go that far. ViVE has become the annual event that brings healthcare executives from around the world together for a week of mind blowing innovations. Top healthcare information technology superstars from both public and private sectors including Openai, CE Health Department of Veterans Affairs, Mayo Clinic, The Leapfrog Group, Amazon Clinic, UC Davis Health, and UCSF Health just to name a few will share their knowledge to empower all who attend. 

At Keystone Technologies, we’re on the forefront of healthcare innovation, and we’ll be present at ViVE to showcase our latest advancements in healthcare EHR data solutions. Our dedicated team, rooted in the healthcare domain, aims to make accessible EHR data solutions for institutions of all sizes. Our solutions, such as the Keystone Technologies legacy data archival system, offers intuitive enhancements that save IT Directors time, resources, and budget.

While legacy systems remain crucial for healthcare organizations, 72% of the C-suite admits their outdated platforms hold them back. Gartner reports that 91% of businesses are undergoing innovation initiatives, but legacy systems often impede successful digital transformation. Sustaining outdated legacy systems is neither scalable, secure, nor cost-effective.

Keystone Technologies provides an intuitive solution that aligns with modern healthcare needs, offering the scalability, security, and cost efficiency medical practices require. Let’s get the conversation started and we will share how our team is able to create a tailored solution that doesn’t break the bank. 

Join us and the WHO’S WHO of the digital health tech world in Los Angeles on February 25 – 28, 2024 for ViVE. Schedule a meeting with our executive team and let’s start tailoring the solution that works for your healthcare institution. Registration for ViVE 2024 here.

When can we talk?

Resource: https://madeintandem.com/blog/technical-debt-legacy-systems-affecting-digital-transformation/

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