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Healthcare Data Extraction

Businesses need insights to make the right decisions. When growing business through acquisition and roll up strategies, disparate operational systems inevitably lead to challenges in gathering data in a usable way. Insights require massive amounts of diverse data. In order to access that data from the inherited systems, a means to extract data and store it in an efficient data lake optimized for analytics is needed. A visualization layer sits on top of that allowing effective business intelligence tools access to analyze that data.

Integrating disparate data sources is a cumbersome task. Unless you have connectors for each disparate source, you will need to manually take each data set, convert it, and then load it into a data warehouse. This takes considerable time, effort, and resources that most health systems do not have. To address this challenge, Keystone has an automated solution to solve this problem.

With Keystone’s Healthcare Data Extraction services we can extract data from EMR and Practice Management systems, as well as nearly any other clinical or financial system, through an automated solution that extracts the raw data and stages it for loading. From there the raw data is available for ingestion into any data lake or data warehousing product. With our automated solution this data can be extracted and loaded as frequently as daily allowing businesses to analyze that data in near real-time.

Keystone’s Healthcare Data Extraction solution offers the following benefits:

  • Scalability
  • Elimination of rework
  • Increased flexibility and reduced cost with extract changes
  • Ability to error trap and auto correct data extractions (prevention from poisoning the data)
  • A predictive cost model for new acquisitions
  • Improved time to market

With Keystone’s data integration solution, a medical practice can build a business intelligence architecture that allows them to pull any level of detailed information regarding each of their practices on a single platform.