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Is an Automated EHR Data Conversion Right for You?

Is an Automated EHR Data Conversion Right for You?

EHR data conversion is the process of taking data from a legacy electronic health record system and transferring it to a new system.EHR data conversion can either be performed manually or through an automated process. Manual data conversion carries a significant risk of data manipulation. As a result, many healthcare organizations choose automated EHR data conversion when working with large sets of data. Read More

Your Health Information is YOURS

Earlier this month, the Office of Civil Rights released a toolkit to help individuals understand HIPAA and their rights to their own health data. The HIPAA privacy rule has alway granted patients the right to access and receive a copy of their health information from their doctors, hospitals and health insurance plans. This right is what allows patients to take ownership of their own health. Doing so allows individuals to monitor conditions, comply with treatment plans, fix errors in their records, track wellness, and directly contribute their information to research. At Keystone IT, we believe so strongly that this right is imperative to health and wellbeing that we established the following vision for our company: “Keystone IT seeks to enable and empower every person to control and improve his or her own health.”

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