Innovation Through Trusted Partners – Keystone Technologies partnership with Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro Partnership

Keystone Technologies has a long history of innovation. Along with academic and business partners, Keystone has developed a suite of solutions to improve quality of life, quality of care and access to data for patients and their care teams. By connecting problem solvers and innovators, Ingram Micro will give you more of what you need to build and accelerate your business.

Serving the healthcare industry since 2001, Keystone Technologies has partnered with Ingram Micro to deliver cloud services. With a well-developed Cloud hosting practice on AWS, along with integration and conversion services of EMR data, we are anticipating massive growth in the next several years through our partnership with Ingram Micro.

We leverage Ingram Micro to take EMR hosting to the next level. Cloud technology is extensive and growing among healthcare organizations worldwide. Healthcare industries have realized the potential of cloud computing and how it can help them be flexible, collaborative, and consumer-focused, allowing providers to use technology to enhance patient care. Keystone leverages Ingram Micro’s multi-billion dollar investment in the cloud to deliver healthcare cloud services that make it possible to hold a maximum amount of data at the lowest possible cost. From account level ownership to executive sponsorship, Ingram Micro has been the right partner to help Keystone become one of the leading AWS Healthcare partners in the United States.

Keystone delivers healthcare data, migration, and hosting through the Ingram Micro Cloud Healthcare Partner Pathway. This healthcare partner pathway is your pathway to leading healthcare cloud solutions. Connecting healthcare-focused ISVs, MSPs, SIs, consultants, and VARs delivering best-in-class solutions in the healthcare market. Delivering the Partner-to-Partner (P2P) ecosystem so you can focus on innovation and serving your healthcare customers.

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